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Barbados Senate President congratulates Cuban Ambassador on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the Revolution


Barbados, December 27, 2012. The Honorable Senator Kerryman Ifill, Barbadian Senate President paid a courtesy visit to the Cuban Ambassador Lissette Perez and congratulated her on the occasion of the next coming of the 54th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution.

Ifill confirmed her admiration for the "resilience of the Cuban people" in reference to the battle against the blockade and said "what the Cubans have achieved through their sacrifice is a lesson for the rest of the world's people."

The Senator, who is also a board member of the “Caribbean Council for Blinds” an NGO that helps those with vision disabilities, excitedly told the meaning for her as disabled had the Cuban contribution to the battle against various ailments view both the Caribbean and Latin America. The parliamentary leader said to the Ambassador Pérez, that one of her goals for 2013 is to make a visit to Cuba and to "share with all Cubans the social experiences that Cuba has developed."

During the meeting, both interlocutors exchanged for increased possibilities of cooperation in various fields and Ambassador drew attention to the upgrade process undertaken by our country in all fields of the revolutionary project.

Perez said the senator with pride that in the context of the electoral process that Cuba will live next February to determine the new Cuban parliament, women will be nearly 49% of national parliamentarians, "sample of everything the Revolution made to locate the woman in the right position in society."

The meeting also was attended by Lloyd J. Springer, Executive Director for National Disabilities Unit.

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