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Cuba Thanks the International Community for its Support for The Five

HAVANA, Cuba, June 25,  2012.- Pablo Berti, Cuba’s delegate to the 20th period of sessions of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, thanked the international community on Monday for its support for the five Cuban heroes unfairly condemned in the United States.

He highlighted the importance of world solidarity to achieve a human, immediate and definitive solution to the case of Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez, who give an example of unshakable resistance to the world.

The Cuban diplomat participated in interactive debates with the special rapporteurs Gabriela Knaul, on The Independence of Judges and Lawyers, and Rashida Manjoo, on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

In view of Knaul ‘s call upon district attorneys to not to give in to pressures of the press, Berti specified the seriousness of the fact that it was a government (that of the US) the one that promoted a media campaign against the defendants and prevented la the carrying out of a fair and impartial trial in the case of these heroes.

The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of the UN Human Rights Council included in that category the one carried out against The Five, added Berti.

Likewise, the Cuban representative denounced the absence –in the report of Rapporteur Knaul- of a response from Washington to her letter of complain on the case.

In an interactive dialogue with Manjoo, the Cuban diplomat took an interest in the actions of this official in favor of the demands of relatives of The Five, with regard to the denial of entry visas for Olga Salanueva and Adriana Perez, wives of Rene and Gerardo, respectively.

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