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ALBA Shapes Multinational Medicine Plan

VENEZUELA, Jan 26, 2010. - The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) will shape a solidarity project Tuesday in that capital, which will guarantee high-quality medicine for its members and other South American countries.

Representatives from Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are meeting for second day at hotel ALBA Caracas to give final touches to a projected multinational entity in charge of reaching that goal.

The idea is to agree on the basis to create an entity that regulates medicine distribution for the bloc, the initiative's coordinator, Rafael Perez told Prensa Latina.

The Cuban official indicated that represents the legal framework and technical support for free circulation of medicines in ALBA countries.

Once the mechanisms are established, steps will be made for ALBAFarma, an enterprise for the distribution of low-cost medicines with certified quality and efficiency, he stated.

The Caracas meeting will agree on the proposal to be presented to the ALBA Political Council, and probably to the next summit in April in Caracas, Perez told Prensa Latina.

When referring to the initiative, Venezuelan Health Minister Carlos Rotondaro stressed its humanitarian nature. (Cubaminrex - Prensa Latina)


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