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Chavez: the United States won’t be able to Defeat Social Changes

CUBA, December 14, 2009.-  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Monday in this capital that even though the United States multiplies its military bases it won’t be able to defeat the social changes that exist in Latin America.

Even though they place one thousand military bases they won’t be able to cope with us, insisted the Venezuelan head of state during his address to participants in the closing ceremony of the 8th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA).

He pointed out that five years after the creation of ALBA, we should continue
consolidating it, with a plan of offensive in the political, economic and social fields until 2015.

We’re forced to win, because the future of mankind, which is Socialism, depends to a large extent on our victory, affirmed the Bolivarian leader during his speech, which included the reading of a letter Revolution leader Fidel Castro sent him, in reference to the first meeting between them 15 years ago today.

In the document, Fidel recalls that the coup d’etat in Honduras and the installation of seven military bases in Colombia are events that took place after the arrival of the new US president to the White House.

The real intentions of the empire are evident, this time under the kind smile and the African-American face of Barack Obama, reads the letter, which reiterates that the empire mobilizes the right-wing forces of Latin America.

Your support of Cuba was always spontaneous, like our cooperation with the fraternal people of Venezuela, says the leader of the Cuban Revolution while recalling the first moments of rapprochement between the peoples and governments of the two nations, precisely when the socialist bloc was disappearing.

While expressing his appreciation for Fidel’s gesture, Chavez denounced the increase of the aggressive plans of the US imperialism, aimed at trying to defeat the revolutionary process in Venezuela and affirmed that the placing of seven military bases in Colombia also threatens ALBA and its member nations. 

He pointed out that Venezuela and Cuba have reached a level of relations hard to beat in history and that the rest of the ALBA member nations should reach the same level in their relations.

He announced that the next Summit will take place in Caracas in April 2010, when the 200th anniversary of the defeat of the Spanish colonialism will be celebrated.

ALBA is independence, the culmination of the project of Bolivar, Marti and Sucre, he concluded. (Cubaminrex-AIN)

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