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The Ecuadorean President Praises Performance of the ALBA

CUBA, June 24, 2010. Rafael Correa, President of the Republic of Ecuador, highlighted on Thursday in Cuenca the progress of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), the summit conference of which began today in that country.

The coordination of commercial policies between the ALBA member countries and its achievements in terms of compensation in the area were praised by the head of state, in statements published by the Web site of El Ciudadano newspaper.

Correa specified, as an objective of the meeting of heads of state on Friday, the coordination of these policies with the ancient peoples of the region, in search of increasing their participation in the lives of their nations.

An example of this, he stressed, is the declaration of Ecuador as a multinational state in the new Constitution.

He referred to the need of defining joint policies in the face of non-renewable resources.

We can’t sustain the absurd of being beggars while sitting on a sack of gold; we have to develop exploitation in a responsible way from the social and environmental points of view, he said, in reference to the various decades of neo-liberalism that made a few people richer at the expense of the poverty of the majority.

In reference to the People’s Trade Treaties boosted by the ALBA, he pointed out that it aims at the encouragement of exchanges between countries, with the most sensitive in mind.

On Thursday, representatives from indigenous populations and Afro-descendants met in the Ecuadorean city of Otavalo, in the province of Imbabura, with the purpose of finding formulas to increase their prominence in the social and political lives of their nations.

Joining participants on Friday will be the presidents and heads of delegations of the regional bloc’s member countries, who will issue a final declaration. (Cubaminrex- ACN)

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