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Chavez Calls for Latin American Unity in Caracas

Cuba, April 19, 2010. Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chavez advocated the unity of Latin American peoples at the opening of a ceremony marking the bicentenary of the beginning of the Venezuelan independence war.

“This has been the best, most colourful and profound display of men and women parading through the Avenida de los Próceres” added Chavez

Some 12, 000 people participated in the event, presided over by Chavez along presidents from other Latin American countries: Raul Castro (Cuba), Cristina Fernandez (Argentina), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Leonel Fernandez (the Dominican Republic).

Caribbean Prime Ministers from Dominica, Roseevelt Skerrit; St Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, and Antigua and Barbuda, Baldwin Spencer were also present.

Chavez thanked the visiting heads of state for joining the celebration with the Venezuelan people; as well as the military officers and cadets from other Latin American nations that also paraded in Caracas.

“A Revolution must be based on its own roots” said Chavez, who praised the expertise and courage showed by the Venezuelan army cadets, tank crews and pilots during the ceremony.

Telesur network broadcasted live the parade and Chavez speech, through which he stressed Venezuela prepares for defense not for war.

“We –Chavez highlighted- are attacked and threaten by the Empire (the US), we are an independent country according to our Constitution and that gives us the possibility to prepare as a free and independent country”

Chavez added that this parade marks the beginning of the celebrations for the bicentennial throughout Latin America.
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