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Latin American Trade Unionists Meet in Cuba.

CUBA, May 3, 2011.- The 3rd Meeting of Trade Union Organizations from countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) was held on Tuesday at the headquarters of the  Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC).

As part of activities to mark May Day, trade union representatives from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras and Cuba, analyzed the work done and shared their experiences to solidify actions in favor of governments worrying about their peoples.

The missions carried out for the benefit of the peoples in Education, Health, Sports and the Economy were examples of how to consolidate bilateral relations between the ALBA member nations.

Adriano Vazquez, Secretary of the Confederation of Ecuadorian Workers, highlighted the achievements made in his country after joining the ALBA, particularly with the literacy teaching campaign carried out with the help of the Cuban method Yes I Can.

He also made reference to the accomplishments of the Manuela Espejo Mission, by way of which the disabled in his country were located and given help.

Angel Sanchez, of the Nicaraguan National Workers Front, underlined the role of education and health in his country, with the Amor (Love) Mission, aimed at children and conceived to release them from their work on the streets.

Hambre Cero (Zero Hunger) is another of the tasks assumed by Nicaraguans for the benefit of families in the countryside and particularly of women, whom are given maintenance, asserted Sanchez.

Francisco Rios, secretary of the Communications Trade Union of the National Front for Popular Resistance in Honduras, stated that the coup d’etat against Manuel Zelaya was also a coup prepared by the United States against that nation, which was joining the ALBA at the time.

Maria de los Santos Betancourt, from Venezuela, underlined the support of the government of Comandante Hugo Chavez, who works with the people and their well-being in mind.

He referred to the construction of houses for the people carried out by the Bolivarian government after the recent natural disasters hitting that South American nation.

Salvador Valdes Mesa, member of the Cuban Communist Party’s Politburo and general secretary of the CTC, underlined the importance of these exchanges of experiences, in order to use them later in favor of social development and to support progressive governments. (Cubaminrex-Cuban News Agency)

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