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The ALBA Foreign Ministers Debate on Situation in Libya.

CUBA, March 4th, 2011.- The search for a peaceful solution to the political conflict in Libya was the main focus of debates on Friday during the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA).

The FMs of the ALBA (made up by Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) are meeting at the Casa Amarilla (Yellow House), the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters in Caracas, to discuss, among other topics, the current situation the North African country is going through.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Nicolas Maduro, highlighted that the peace initiative proposed by the president of his contry, Hugo Chavez, will be submitted for approval, in order to try to find a peaceful way out of the conflict in Lybia.

Maduro pointed out that the aim is to protect the Libyan people and their nation from the use of their natural resources, regained years ago, and to denounce any attempt of military intervention.

We can’t allow terrible experiences like those of Irak and the massacre taking place against the Palestinian people to be repeated, he stated. That’s the reason why, he stressed, we propose our vision of the South to get over the conflict, by using peaceful methods and not with the warlike approach encouraged by the United States, which NATO intends to impose.

The Foreign Minister specified that there is almost one million Arabs living in Venezuela, hence that we’re inspired by a deep feeling of love, he said. Our countries, he added, promote an alliance of peace and reaffirm the path of the processes of change undertaken in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The agenda of the plenary meeting of the ALBA FMs includes social, political and economic issues.


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