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Exchange Between Cuban Scientists of the Centre for Neuroscience and University Sains Malaysia 
MALAYSIA, December 18th, 2012.- As part of the scientific exchange between Cuban Neuroscience Center and University Sains Malaysia (USM, by its acronym in English), seminar Neuroinformatic 2012 takes place in Malaysia, between 9 and 26 December.
Organized by the Department of neuroscience of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of USM, the event has as its central theme the neuroimaging.   It's a course, taught by Dr.  Maria A. Bobes, from the Center of Neurosciences of Cuba, which aims to explain and implement the use of magnetic resonance and magneto encephalography in the study of the brain bases of cognitive processes.
This collaboration between Malaysia and Cuba is part of a joint project to establish a laboratory for neuroinformatics in the Asian country. Neuroinformatic 2012 is being developed in the city of Kota Bharu, capital of the State of Kelantan. 30 researchers from several universities in Malaysia, mostly physical and biomedical engineers, are participating in the classes, that shall be concluded with the publication of a joint research between the Cuban Neuroscience Center and the University Sains Malaysia. (Cubaminrex-Embassy of Cuba in Malaysia)

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