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Successful celebration of the National Meeting of Solidariy with Cuba in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND, December 12, 2012. With the active participation of representatives of all Cuba Friendship Associations of New Zealand, it was held in this capital the National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba.
IMG_7068In her welcoming remarks to participants, the Ambassador of Cuba, Maria del Carmen Herrera Caseiro, acknowledged the work done by the various Groups of Friendship throughout 2012, and called for the strengthening of actions of solidarity and support to Cuba, in particular with respect to the three pillars of the work of solidarity: the fight for the lifting of the criminal and illegal U.S. blockade against Cuba, the battle for the immediate and unconditional release of the Cuban Five, and the disclosure of the reality and the truth about Cuba.
In this context, the Cuban diplomat referred to the recent adoption by the UN General Assembly for 21 consecutive times, of the resolution calling for the end of the blockade, passed with the support of 188 States, which showed the almost unanimous rejection of the international community to this genocidal policy. At the same time, she emphasized the need and importance of intensifying actions and push for freedom of the Cuban Five, as a fundamental tool in time when the legal resources are running low. "We must multiply the pressure on the U.S. government by all possible ways and means to achieve the return of our Five compatriots, using the most powerful weapon at our disposal: the truth and the will to defend justice," said Cuban Ambassador.
IMG_7100The successful day was characterized by lively and detailed discussions about the work of solidarity with Cuba. In this sense, it was analyzed the work done during 2012, highlighting, among others, presentations of the Gerardo Hernández´s Cartoon Exhibition and projections of the documentary "Will the real terrorist please stand up" in several cities; the launching of the books of Pathfinder on the Cuban Five and on Women in the Cuban Revolution, in Auckland; the activities in support of Cuba in the context of the celebrations of Labor Day in New Zealand, etc.
In parallel, there were discussed and agreed actions and activities to develop next year. At the same time, all present benefited from presentation on the development and results of the VI Regional Conference of Solidarity with Cuba by one of the participants in this event. It was also discussed ideas for the participation of a NZ representative in the IV International Youth Solidarity Meeting with the Cuban Five, as well as ways to promote the incorporation of New Zealanders to the Southern Cross Brigade, as the best way to truly know Cuba.
The occasion was propitious to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the landing of the Yacht "Granma" and the 54th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
The success of the National Meeting was sealed with the adoption of two resolutions demanding the end of the blockade and the release of Cuban Five, respectively, and the adoption of a Final Declaration in support of Cuba.
(Cubaminrex/Embacuba Nueva Zelanda)



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