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Meeting between the Cuban ambassador and Malaysian delegate to the solidarity in Sri Lanka

MALAYSIA,  January 3, 2012.- As part of the activities for the 54th Anniversary of the victory of the Cuban revolution, Ambassador Rubén Pérez Valdés held a meeting with Nazary Ahmad, one of the representatives of Malaysia at the VI Regional Asia Pacific Solidarity Meeting with Cuba, carried out the past October in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Both sides talked about the release of the Five Heroes unjustly imprisoned in the United States of America; the Yankee blockade against the Cuban people and solidarity with, and from Cuba, in particular in the Asian continent.  

Important moment was when Nazary Ahmad told about their experiences at the event in Sri Lanka. The Malaysian friend recalled the final meeting of the participants with the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Nazary, member of the Executive Committee of the Malaysia Friends of Cuba Association, recalled the commemoration of the birthday of Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Heroes, as one of the facts that marked the event.

The Exchange was held in the State of Malacca, with which Cuba maintains special ties of friendship, and where the Casa Cuba is located, aimed at cultural exchange between the two countries.(Cubaminrex/Embacuba Sri LaNKA)







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