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New Cuban Ambassador in the Republic of Mauritius Presents his Credentials Letters.

MAURICIO, June 8TH , 2010. The new ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the Republic of Mauritius, Enrique Antonio Prieto López presented today its credential letters, which credit him as such in the African nation. Prieto, who is also Ambassador of Cuba to the Republic of Zimbabwe, will be non-resident Ambassador in Port Louis.

The credential letters were presented to the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Sir Aneerood Jughnauth. The style copies were given moments before at the Permanent Secretary of the Mauritian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

During the meeting between Prieto and Jughnauth, both personalities took the opportunity to check subjects of mutual interest: the support of the Government of Mauritius to the Cuban Resolution against the US Blockade in United Nations; the US illegal navy base in Guantanamo ant the Mauritian claims on the Chagos Archipelago – now under British ruling; and the unjustified imprisonment of the Cuban Five Heroes.  (Cubaminrex- Embacuba Zimbabwe)


Also, they exchanged on the possibilities of cooperation between Cuba and Mauritius in the biotechnology field.  Sir Jughnauth appreciated the Cuban proposal on HEBER PROT-P product and pointed out his willing to show it to the properly Mauritian authorities for its evaluation.



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