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Cuba Bestows Friendship Medal upon Malian Ambassador

CUBA, August 12, 2009. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, presented Fidele Diarra, Malian Ambassador to Cuba, with the Friendship Medal, as an acknowledgement of his permanent solidarity with the Caribbean nation.

Ivan Mora, head of the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s Department for sub-Saharan Africa, highlighted that Diarra, after graduating from the University of Havana, contributed to the creation of the Malian Association for Friendship with Latin America and the Caribbean, in which solidarity with the Cuban people was permanent.

Fidele Diarra, Malian Ambassador to CubaMora also said that during his over 8 years of work as ambassador, Diarra worked arduously in the strengthening and spreading of political relations and of cooperation at all levels between the two countries.

After thanking Cuba for the recognition, Diarra said he couldn’t hide his sadness for having to say good-bye to a people that helped him become a professional.

He pointed out that the medal represents his personal commitment with Cuba and with the ideas of Revolution leader Fidel Castro, whom he wished good health, on the occasion of his 83rd birthday. Diarra ratified that he’ll continue to work for the historical bonds of friendship, solidarity and cooperation existing between the two nations, wherever he may be.

Also present in the ceremony were Deputy Foreign Minister Marcos Rodriguez; the deputy Minister for Foreign Trade and Investment, Ramon Ripoll; and the president of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, Kenia Serrano, as well as African, Arab and Latin American ambassadors accredited in Cuba. (Cubaminrex- ACN)

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