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Comrade Arturo Moisés Jorge Dies at 75

HAVANA,  January 31, 2012.- Last Friday, January 27, our beloved comrade Arturo Moisés Jorge, with a large trajectory at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the service of the Revolution and the defense of the Homeland, died at 75.

Arturo Moisés Jorge was born in Havana on December 26, 1936. In 1960, he started working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, institution to which he dedicated almost  his entire professional life. During his more than 50-years career, Moisés Jorge fulfilled diplomatic missions in Czech Republic,  United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mali, Panama and Mexico.

Yesterday, January 30, at 1400hrs, a solemn ceremony to honor his memory was carried out at the Chancery with the presence of Moisés Jorge´s relatives and co-workers. (Cubaminrex)





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